In my work, I strive to create layers that can be associative to the viewer, creating a kind of “contexture”. These layers sometimes blend perfectly together, and at other times they are sharply contrasted with high contrast and form. Based on my personal experiences, I reduce certain memories and moods to colorful surfaces and shapes. I think dynamic, moving compositions are important. By using glazes and many layers on top of each other, I try to give a kind of depth to the two-dimensional image. It is primarily concerned with organic, amorphous and biomorphic forms, often referring to and imitating certain elements of nature and flora. In terms of technique, I prefer to mix several devices within the image, playing which surface is matte and which glows. Since I make high-density graphics, I can often discover their “imprint” and effects. Sometimes it is a spontaneous, fresh experience, and sometimes it is a deeply burned memory. I believe that the experiences of childhood and subsequent life play a huge role in the life of all of us, which shape, build or destroy us, so I often try to build my images along these lines, from the extremes of the struggle of positive and negative moods.

About Me

Hungarian artist Gabor Koncz was born in 1991 in Jaszbereny, Hungary.

He graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE) in 2018.

He regularly participates in group exhibitions abroad and in Hungary.

He mainly creates paintings, objects and installations.


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